Charities Insurance

What have we come to that The Cancer Society of the UK and your young son's rugby team need charities insurance to protect themselves? After all, aren't charities the protected third tier of a society? Who would want to harm a charity?

Extra information about charities insurance

Blame is the First Fingered Placed

We may see the Sisters of the Poor Charity Hospital as a place of loving and prayerful care and experienced medical treatment, but who is going to care about the love they received if their wrong leg was removed in surgery? Or if they fell on the ice and suddenly became an active and belligerent receiver of your loving care?

What if little Billy's grandmother vocally and vehemently disagrees with the call of the umpire at Billy's 6-8 year old ballgame you sponsor, and someone on the other team strikes her out? Who does liability fall upon for those acts and injuries? It is a litigious world in which we live, and blame is the first finger that always gets placed.

Charities are a Business Too

And it is not just willful acts against a charity that precipitate the need for charities insurance. Disasters like fire, tornadoes,and monsoon-like rains can strike at the buildings and key facilities of a charitable organization as easily as any other buildings . If your church did not carry the needed coverage to ensure its replacement, you would be considered a negligent steward of its donations. Or should a journal paper published by your most-prized Biomedical Chemist be found to be fraudulent, how would your organization protect itself?

Croatian immigrants had founded a mutual society, now called a credit union, in the 1940's for the benefit of all Croats and their descendents. While it was professionally operated, it was also operated with a notion of trusting all its members. However, a customer and the Treasurer colluded and stole 20 million pounds of its members' money. Despite your non-profit status, would your members expect recompense, and could your organization afford to repay that theft alone? Liability insurance included in charities insurance would be a great and needed assist.

Deep Pockets Make People Dig Deeper

When blame has been assessed against your non-profit organization, the first search an expert solicitor makes is for the financial status of your Trustees. The second is to name them in a suit for the decision they made, or left unmade. Charities insurance will protect your Trustees against just such actions and will aid in your future recruitment of others.

It's Just Business

Would the beneficiaries of your charity be hard-pressed if it went out of business, temporarily or permanently? Business is just business and that means to ensure that your organization is around tomorrow until you choose differently. Good business means customizing your charities insurance and protection today.